Passbook Update Printers. Made in Hanamaki , Japan


Passbook printers for banking institutions are one of our main products and acquiring a high reputation for its superior performance, high speed printing, user-friendliness, and easy maintenance. They are widely used not only in Japan but also in more than 20 countries in the world.

Made in HANAMAKI, Japan

Our passbook printers are manufactured in Japan and are running on financial institutions around the world.

Made in HANAMAKI,Japan


Passbook printer

High performance passbook printer with high functionality and a small footprint. It’s suitable for financial institutions.

Automatic insertion
Automatic alignment

S4880 takes in passbooks and align them automatically.

Voice guidance function
(Optional function. Please contact us for further information.)

With this function, end-users can operate the machine with ease by listening to the voice guidance.